August 21st, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - 12am


Check us out on Myspace! 12am Website: OUT OUR CD: CHECK OUT SHIRTS, HATS, AND MORE: infamous band bio. You know, describing a band on paper is like showing someone the feeling of bungee jumping for the first time with pictures. You have to experience it in order to get the intended effect. Sometimes for a band even a CD of their material isnt enough. Music, accompanied by the aura of a live band should bring about a stimulation of many senses. Sight, sound, the smell of a musty club, the feeling of the energy emanating from the band, P.A. and audience, these are the things a great live band should be able to emulate. 12am is a group of friends who have been playing together for 7 years now. Though they may not be models, or scary tattoo freaks they do share one unique feature with their audience, their ability to relate. We are one of the people. We are not pompous, untouchable rock stars or wild and crazy freaks who start bar fights or rich mommas boys who buy their way to the top. We are hard-working middle class people, just like our audience, who like to create great melodies and feel-good music while having a good time on stage being personable with our crowd. We could fill these pages with claims of various huge tours and press reviews with the Rolling Stone and pictures of us and Dave Matthews back stage, but does that really prove anything about a bands chances of success? 12am is the perfect harmony of friendship, fun music and business. Following these principles has allowed this band to become a concrete unit, willing to do what ever it takes to reach our goals in songwriting, live performance and just plain having a good time with one another.