September 26th, 2018

.44 Caliber Killers

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Syracuse Bands - .44 Caliber Killers


In the land of scissor kicks and floor punches comes a melodic hardcore punk/crossover band that is more catchy than AIDs in Africa, more hooks than a tackle box, and grooves more than James Brown on cocaine. The band consists of three irritated Italian punks who are attentive to the state of today's testicle-choking girl pants, make-up encrusted scene and hope to demolish it and what it stands for. With some mic punches, some thrash kicks, and some moshing the plan is to take it all down. 1/2 cup of booze, 3/4 cup punk, a teaspoon of hate; thrash it all together and you've got .44 Caliber Killers. Tearing shit up, and getting intoxicated in celebration of doing so is a must. Headlining or opening act, house or club, we'll play anything and everything that you throw at us. So, for booking just message us through here.