August 21st, 2018

A Couple Strangers

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Syracuse Bands - A Couple Strangers

Original/Hard Rock/Modern Rock

A Couple Strangers is a four-piece all-original modern rock band out of Syracuse NY. The group emerged from an earlier project, Electric Heat, a musical effort focused on the singing and songwriting talents of Matthew MacDuffie and Amber Criste. The foursome was created in 2008 after the duet decided to test their material “plugged in” to create a more commanding sound. They recruited longtime friend and drummer, Jason Helinger to join them. Playing with Jason in the past, Matt knew his capabilities on the skins and identified his talents as the right fit to help shape and distinguish their latest musical endeavor.

The three played with a few guest guitarists in pursuit of a good mix that would round out their sound while they searched for a bassist. In 2009, they approached another longtime friend and fellow guitarist, Sheldon Higby, and asked him if he would play the bass. Sheldon picked up the bass and Couple of Strangers was complete. The fit was not too much of a surprise as Sheldon and Matt have played together on and off in different bands since Junior High.

After nearly three years together playing live regionally Sheldon and Jason parted ways. You can hear Higby playing bass in his hometown for punk band "One Room" while Hellinger is offering up his skill to the Syracuse based band "Incinerated for Science". As of 2013, after working on a few side projects, Matt and Amber have reformed ACS with a new CD in the works. Will Ician a seasoned lead guitarist & CNY musician has joined the project switching it up by playing bass offering a dynamic style and depth to the sound of the project that was previously untapped. After a short period of time members recruited drummer Joe Yarman ,formerly of "Kill the Maestro", not only for his adaptability but for his superior approach to drumming as an art form sculpting a sound that perforates the limits of mainstream resulting in an unrivaled sound.

Couple Strangers mission has been to create and perform music that is Vivid & Alive in an effort to revive the suffocating masses that have fallen victim to the monotony of the mainstream. The resulting sound is a collision of Angst, Love and Hope that will inspire and stir.