September 20th, 2018

Armageddon Monks

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Syracuse Bands - Armageddon Monks

Hard Rock

Armageddon Monks' journey began at a coffeehouse open mic in the fall of 2003 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Starting out as a simple rock cover band, they quickly discovered that their talents lay beyond covering other artists' music. Drawing heavily on old-school metal influences, the Armageddon Monks began crafting a style that melded the hard-rockin' riffs of classic metal with the accessibility of modern rock melodies and structures. A heavy emphasis on vocal and guitar harmonies coupled with this metal-influenced hard rock style resulted in near-instant popularity within the Cornell campus. College life and multiple lineup changes prevented the talented quintet from branching out to a wider audience, but after three years of hard work and countless hours of preparation, the Armageddon Monks have truly arrived and are ready to put rock back on top.

The music begins with the guitars of Jack Logue and Steve Goldman. Whether trading off guitar-shredding solos or harmonizing melodies in perfect unison, these talented lead guitarists work together with a surprising effortlessness. Bassist Andy Adelewitz and drummer Michael Hunter form a potent rhythm section, using heavy, pounding beats to drive the music and give it an infectious, sometimes vicious energy. Over the top of this powerful mixture sails the unique voice of singer Matt Kelly, who brings along a virtual arsenal of vocal abilities to go with his powerful yet soothing tenor. Together these musicians create a sound that is all their own, comfortably shifting gears from head-banging metal riffs to angelic, soaring choruses. Their most recent CD (self-produced by Steve Goldman) showcases this unusual versatility with thirteen tracks of pure hard rock fury, and sets the bar high for their live shows.

Fortunately, the live show is where the Armageddon Monks truly come to life. These musicians play with an intense energy that can only come from knowing that they are doing what they were born to do, which is to put it quite simply, make heads bang. This energy has captivated audiences across the Northeast, in addition to earning them frequent radio play on Ithaca's WVBR 93.5FM and regular spotlights in the Ithaca Journal. Now the ambitious quintet is focusing its energy on expanding its fan base and getting its music to as many people as possible, and with their dynamic live show and impressive material there's no limit to how successful they will be.

Over the past three years, the Armageddon Monks have gone through three drummers, lost two of their founding members (including their lead singer) and survived the transition from college band to full-time professional musicians. Through it all they have maintained their dedication to their craft, and have emerged as one of Ithaca's foremost hard rock/metal bands. This is a band that is determined to pursue their goals and have their voices heard, so if you are searching like so many others for proof that rock and roll is alive and well, look no further.