August 20th, 2018

Anger & Company

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Syracuse Bands - Anger & Company

My mind and life are fucked up, I have multiple personalities and I hate and love everyone equally. I love good heavy music and some other shit thrown in, no rap shit though, I fucking hate that crap. I am here to support the local bands, one of the ways I support is by rating your bands, I will tell you what I look for, #1 music on your site this is a great site for music downloads you are bands how can I rate you without music, 4 points off the top for no music, 2 off if your music just sucks, if your a cover band and i can only tell what the song is because of the name that's bad, 4 off if it really sucks. #2 your profile; no info no points, #3 pics; no main pic, -1 point. You might ask who am I to rate you, I am a fan of local bands and that is the most important qualification to have, so I will be on this site and be here to cause some chaos when i feel like it, don't like it, o'well. See you in Hell!!