September 20th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - Backburners


The BACKBUNRERS is an ecliptic band originally founded in the spring of 2005  Their vision is to perform and express the American music complemented by their own stylish arrangements meant to entertain all audiences.THE BACKBURNERS STYLE OF MUSIC THE BACKBURNERS was influenced by their love for American music. Adding the styles of Jazz, Rock (1950’s-2007), Swing, and Blues forms of music, in which they have achieved their own ‘unique’ sound. It is THE BACKBURNERS desire to remain true to the style and structure of true American music while expressing and incorporating today’s widely varied musical styles. Each band member is proficient on several different instruments. Within our band, we have electric keyboard, bass (electric and upright), harmonica, and percussion (drums), guitar and vocals which helps makes BACKBURNERS sound unique.THE BACKBURNERS members has been the featured entertainment for many politicians and appeared at fairs including a fundraiser for Senator Hillary Clinton and the New York State Fair. Each of members has played numerous other venues such as private parties, clubs, and various promotional events such as The Red House in Syracuse New York. But now since we formed this new band, we want to show you that The BACKBURNERS can achieve much more success as an ecliptic band then in the previous bands we all had played in. MusiciansJoe- Keyboard, Harp, and Lead VOCALSHANK-DRUMSCAPTAIN-BASSGUITAR-Comming Soon