July 29th, 2014


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The Goonies

Syracuse Bands - The Goonies


Fate can be subjectively defined as the ambition of chance events. The Goonies began as a novelty (that grew out of one such encounter) and evolved into a movement of originality and musical innovation. With commanding songwriting, colorful blues construction, and the aggressive rhythm backing of live musicians, the Goonies combine an interesting array of band-composed music with the bravado of two distinctive MCs. The Goonies' sound is layered w...

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The Gunrunners

Syracuse Bands - The Gunrunners


Hello, from The Gunrunners This the info page from the hardest working band from Onondaga Nation, NY. We are six talented musicians bringing different flavors from different ages,genres,and backgrounds, for all ages.Band members include; Heidi Morrissette,vocals,song writer, Lenny Printup,drums,vocals,song writer, Frank Stepanek,lead guitar,vocals Played Live at : Brewfest Clinton Sq. SYR. N.Y.2011...

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The Heaters

Syracuse Bands - The Heaters


If you like Soul, R&B, Blues from an eclectic group of artists Robert Cray, Robben Ford, Steely Dan, James Brown...you get my drift, then you should check out The Heaters live. The Heaters (Rock 'n Roll 60's thru the 90's) The Heaters is a group of five musicians that have come together with a passion for quality music. Drawing on their collective experience in R&B and Blues they present a collection of material that is aimed at the dance fl...

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the hellfish

Syracuse Bands - the hellfish


The Hellfish started out as a bunch of kids in high school just trying to have some fun and write some songs. Now we are down to three original members and are still just trying to have fun and write the best songs that we can. We are an all original pop/rock band who loves to drink and share our music with whoever is willing to listen. So come check us out, you won't be disappointed.

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the hook

Syracuse Bands - the hook

Jam Band

No Profile Available

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The Horn Dogs

Syracuse Bands - The Horn Dogs

Party Band/Rock Variety

The Horn Dogs are a nine piece ... brass powered ... interactive party band perfect for any event. As one of Central New York's premier party bands, The Horn Dogs play a variety of music from the early days of rock and roll ... to the hits of today. The Horn Dogs have energized venues such as the Great New York State Fair's Chevy Court, Syracuse's Dinosaur BBQ, and Oneida's first class Turning Stone Resort. The Horn Dogs will unleash your ne...

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The Influence

Syracuse Bands - The Influence


Hey everyone we are The Influence. An Alternative rock band from Baldwinsville NY. We are all 16 currently and we are going into our junior year. We have a long way to go so check us out and let us know what you think. WE ARE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A NEW LEAD VOCALIST SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED SEND US A MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!

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The Inner JD

Syracuse Bands - The Inner JD


Emerging from the not so bustling suburbs of Syracuse, NY is an up and coming power punk quartet known affectionately as The Inner JD. Though most widely known for their explosive live presence, the blends of punk, pop and straight up rock give them a sound that easily sets them apart from the rest. First envisioned in the childhood dreams of guitarist Ryan Gilmore and drummer Matt McAfee, the band hit the ground running in 2004 with bassist and...

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The J Clark Band

Syracuse Bands - The J Clark Band

Party Band

The five piece pop/rock group, originally out of Watertown NY, was formed in 1999 and now presently resides in Syracuse NY. Since the band formed Jeremy Clark (vocals/guitar), Steve Morley (Bass/vocals), Jim Trembley (Drums), William Lovett III (Sax/Vocals) have all been key elements in the development of the unique sound that the band gets in the studio and live. Their live shows are full of energy and there song selection is suited for a...

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The Jam Bones

Syracuse Bands - The Jam Bones

Variety/Blues/Party Band

While some other bands claim they have the ability to furnish a great performance, the Jam Bones delivers it - and has been consistently since 2003. Averaging 80-100 shows annually, the band has played Private and Corporate Parties, Casinos, Campgrounds, Frat Parties, Resorts, Weddings, Clubs, Restaurants, State and County Fairs, Wineries, Concert Series, Fielddays, Golf Outings, Clam Bakes, and tons more. The band has played such notables as The...

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The John Morse Band

Syracuse Bands - The John Morse Band

Classic Rock

The John Morse Band have played shows all over the world before settling in upstate N.Y. The band has performed with Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Travers, Robin Trower, Rick Derringer,Molly Hatchet, Robby Krieger, Zebra, Johnny Winter, Jason&The Scorchers, Bad English , J.Geils and many more. Their live shows have been called foot stompin' adrenaline soaked extravaganzas, with John being compared to Angus Young, Roy Buchannan, Stevie Ray and more. T...

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The Kerlin Syndrome

Syracuse Bands - The Kerlin Syndrome


After playing for years in the band Zoa, Mike and Mat Kerlin, Joe Palozzi, Seth Richardson join Jonas Kerlin and Steve Yazell to form the band "The Kerlin Syndrome" Back in 1975 Mat met Steve Yazell at a party, found out he played guitar and asked him to come jam. The band Toejam was born. With the brothers Kerlin(Mike and Mat), Steve and a few other players the band became a regional hit. The band broke up some 4 years later and we all moved on...

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The Kilgore McTrouts

Syracuse Bands - The Kilgore McTrouts


No Profile Available

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The Lunachik Fringe

Syracuse Bands - The Lunachik Fringe


From Led Zeppelin through Evanescence ~ The Lunachik Fringe gives you an eclectic, in your face rock experience. Not just a rock band - a rock SHOW.

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The Malcontents

Syracuse Bands - The Malcontents


An original 4 piece funky blues-rock-fusion explosion. Sorry there's not much music for you yet still in creation as we speak. Will be more along shortly

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The Meta Accord

Syracuse Bands - The Meta Accord

Jam Band/Jazz/Variety

The Meta Accord is a high energy Instrumental Funk/Fusion band based out of Rochester, New York. Jeremy Laursen, the composer/guitarist for The Meta Accord uses the compositional skills of jazz and progressive rock and combines it with fast paced danceable rhythms. This combination turns heads and moves feet all night.

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The Mike Bogan Band

Syracuse Bands - The Mike Bogan Band


The Mike Bogan Band is a rock & roll trio. Our list of original and cover songs is large and growing. The band is currently focused on playing live as much as possible and will produce a full-length recording in the not-too-distant future. Mike Bogan (guitar and lead vocals) is formerly the leader of Damarang. Bogan played clubs throughout New York, some in Pennsylvania, and the occassional weird bar. Damarang won a recording contract with Ga...

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The Moonshine River Band

Syracuse Bands - The Moonshine River Band

Country (Modern)/Country (Classic)

We are a modern country band...playing everything from Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Randy Houser, Garth Brooks, and much more...we are always learning new country and ready to come country rock you!!!

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The Moth Leads the Empire

Syracuse Bands - The Moth Leads the Empire


the moth leads the empire formed at the end of may 2005, cosisting of five members. but by the beginning of october '05 they had gone through a buttload of member changes and had become a firm four piece. between october '05 and january '06 T.M.L.T.E. played a considerable amount of shows, including a tour with local favorites "The Take" and gained a sizeable fan base in syracuse and it's surrounding cites. in february '06 the band realized th...

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The Mouth

Syracuse Bands - The Mouth


The Mouth breathes. The Mouth eats. The Mouth curses. The Mouth smiles. The Mouth drinks. The Mouth speaks. The Mouth kisses. The Mouth screams. The Mouth pleases. The Mouth teases. The Mouth tastes. The Mouth vomits. The Mouth closes. The Mouth suffocates. More than a day without The Mouth and you will surely die.

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Displaying 661 to 680 (of 787 bands)