September 20th, 2018

Big G

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Syracuse Bands - Big G

I have been enjoying music my entire life. At 6 years of age I started my musical career on the national stage playing the accordion with Myron Floren from the Lawrence Welk Show . I don't know how that all happened but I think my mother made me do it.

I have played several instruments over my life including guitar, bass, piano, accordion and drums. I really enjoyed playing the drums and found myself playing in some of the groups in the CNY area in the late 60’s early 70’s including the Eminence, The Visions and Helter Skelter.

I became interested in the production side also and worked with many of the local groups in the mid 70’s as a sound engineer/producer. The groups include Holly and the New Yorkers, Darlin, Majik, Alec Star, 805, Zipper. I have worked on many national and “B” circuit stages with groups including, The Police, Santana, Johnny Winter, Joe Cocker, Blue Oyster Cult, Edgar Winter, Pat Bentar,Jan Berry, and traveled with Show Co International for almost 3 years as an front of house engineer for their east coast tour group.

I like to play good mainstream Rock & Roll, solid beats and strong grooves. I enjoy rearranging the older classics.

I have formed a new group - - The Salt City Rockers and we are currently rehearsing our new show.