August 21st, 2018

Blind Insight

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Syracuse Bands - Blind Insight

Classic Rock

Mike Marks – M & M – Bass and lead male vocals- I've been playing and singing in the area since the age 14. I love playing bass and have been influenced by people whom I thought were and still are the best- Chris Squire of Yes, Gary Thain and Bob Daisley of Uriah Heep, Jack Bruce of Cream, Geddy Lee of Rush and many more…
I've played with lots of local bands – was in a “house “ band at the age of “18”, With such acts as Oz, Trader, Flashpoint, Synergy and Kat Tale. I've played with a lot of fantastic people – I love all of them for different reasons… But finally decided to do a project, which would reflect a lot, more of “my” loves as best I could represent it. I've done my best to find people, to see the “vision” I had and “together”, hopefully we will be able to entertain and please “you”, the audience as I've always worked to do…I'm finally home-rock on… M & M.

Jackie l – Drummer – drumming is my blood, my father played for Dan Elliott and the monterays ... I started playing when I was 5 years old… and I've been playing and teaching ever since. I played in an all female band krystal image in the 90's and for a year or so with kat tale, where I met and played with mike. Years later the call came, Mike was starting a new project, and asked… well, the time was right. I love making people move when I play… and I said yes, count me in! hope you'll come and hear us and rock with us into the night.

Melody Lynn – Lead female vocals – Hi I am Melody, yes its my real name. I am 25 years old and have been singing all my life. I have competed in local star searches and have guest starred with many local bands. I have sung in some of the areas acoustic acts too, This is my first band. Mike went looking for a female singer, found me and said, hey we have a project ready for you. Finally, a chance to be in a band, the most exciting experience ever. I am getting to do something I love with the greatest people on earth! I think our variety is going to appeal to so many people, I am just gonna hold on for the ride…..can't wait to sing for you and share my experience!

Rick Bergman – Lead Guitar, Keys, Harmonica and Vocals. Hi all, I am Rick, I started playing piano at the age of 10 and played on and off throughout my teens. After dropping out of college, I joined the navy and learned to play guitar. I was stationed on the Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger, and while in Thailand, I got my first taste of playing guitar on stage. I had an opportunity to sit in on a couple of songs with a band that was playing American and British Rock at a club on Pattaya Beach. The coolest part of that nite was that no one spoke English except for the singer/bass player who spoke broken English at best. It was the Music that became the International Language of Choice that nite. Soon after moving from San Diego to Upstate New York in 1986, I hooked up with Mike Marks and hence the band Flashpoint was formed. We had a good four year run. Since then I have played with Musicworks, and Synergy before going on hiatus for a few years and then I formed the band Shooter. I got a call from Mike Marks who was looking for a guitar player for his new band Blind Insight, and as it turned out Shooter was a couple of weeks from playing there last gig, and thought what Great Timing… and talk about Full Circle… Looking forward to seeing you all very soon. We look forward to rocking your nite away, and having a Great Time!!!!!! Rick

Shawn H. Rhythm and Lead Guitar Hi – I'm Shawn, I am relatively new to the Local Syracuse music scene. Two year's ago, I decided to dust off my old guitar and start playing again. Something I had not done since my High School days, but I knew it was time… I had a couple of attempts at starting a country band, and found that I really needed to go back to my Rock and Roll roots, so when Mike called from Blind Insight, I knew it was the right thing to do, and rest is history. I'm a rhythm guitar player at heart, but be sure to come and watch us, cause every so often I like to break out on Lead just to keep Rick on his toes. See you all very soon, keep checking our sites for updates and gigs.