August 21st, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - Branson


Back in 2007, when music was just another new invention, Josh and Monty began experimenting with the new phenomenon. Most "musicians" at the time were writing songs with little heart, but Josh and Monty discovered that if one wrote songs from the heart, the songs would write themselves. Songs that had an abundance of emotions turned out to be more powerful than other arrangements. The young musicians decided to focus their songwriting on heartbreak, and other topics of the nature, to bring out the full power of the music (kind of like "Star Power" mode in that rock video game, but for real... way real).

During the earliest stages of writing, innocent bystanders got caught in the middle of the emotional guitar bombasts. After they realized that they were lucky not to receive any damage from the raw power radiating from the music, they would try to persuade the young musicians to enter this new emerging market called "Rock." Josh and Monty had yet to hear of this new form of music and were surprised this [at the time] brand new invention was expanding so quickly. After taking nine months off to deeply study the roots of "Rock" and design a music model to revolutionize the genre, Josh and Monty decided to enter the game. Welcome to Branson.