Syracuse Bands - The Moonshine River Band The Moonshine River Band
Venue: Anti-Violence Stop the Hate Show
Start Time: 12:00pm
End Time: 12:00am
This is an all day show with 24 bands. Raising awareness to find out all the detail check us out on facebook!!!
Syracuse Bands - Brass Inc Brass Inc
Venue: Muddy Waters - Baldwinsville
Start Time: 9:00pm
End Time: 1:00am
Celebrate Mardi Gras
Syracuse Bands - The Jason Wicks Band The Jason Wicks Band
Venue: Meadowbrook Saloon
Start Time: 10:00pm
End Time: 2:00am
Syracuse Bands - Grit N Grace Grit N Grace
Venue: Mainb Street Tavern (Clayville, NY)
Start Time: 10:00pm
End Time: 1:30am