September 20th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - Candid


Candid is four good-for-nothing twenty-somethings that always carry with them the smell of smoke and the night before. Hailing from the frozen bit of hell that is Syracuse, New York, the boys of Candid spew a buzzing brand of pop rock that is equal parts youthful spark and upstate bitterness. The band cites influences that run the gamut, from Weezer's unstoppable melodies to Elvis Costello's sharp lyrical jabs, from the soaring atmosphere of Radiohead to the gritty intimacy of Ani DiFranco. In its five years, Candid has developed an intensely loyal following that thrives on long nights and a strong sense of community. Since getting together in late 1998, vocalist Corey Paige, guitarist J.P. Midgley, bassist Mike Spadaro and drummer Sean Benz have left a trail of awards and converts wherever they have gone. The band has played the northeast extensively and appeared with numerous national and overseas acts, including Tonic, Vertical Horizon, Andrew W.K. and Strangefolk. Honors Candid has received include 2002 Syracuse Area Music awards for Best Rock Band and Best Rock Vocalist, and first place finishes in nearly every competition they have entered. With the release of their fifth independent effort, "Misinterpreter," Candid establishes a voice that is clear, honest and self-aware. They rarely hold their tongues and never hold still. They won't be changing the world and they probably won't be changing their clothes. Maybe thats enough. Maybe this is what you need!