August 20th, 2018

Capricorn Black

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Syracuse Bands - Capricorn Black

Original/Heavy Metal/Metal

Capricorn Black was formed in August of 2009 when drummer Brian von Knoblauch and guitarist Dave Thomas decided to get together and jam on some old thrash-metal classics. The jam sessions went well so Brian contacted Jay Ramsdell, a fellow metal head and guitar player who had worked with him on a band back in 2002. After jamming on some original material from both Dave and Jay, it was quickly realized that a band must be formed. After posting ads on Craigslist for months, the band was finally contacted by local bass player Dave Rice in November of 2009. Dave was looking for a serious metal project to join and came across our ad on Craigslist. Impressed with his bass playing, the band asked him to join them a couple hours in to the audition. The band lineup was finally completed in February of 2010 when Alexander Garlow answered the bands ad on Craigslist looking for a singer.

With the lineup finally complete, the band is currently in the process of putting together original material for an album to be released online and getting their set list tight for playing out. Look for Capricorn Black at all of upstate New York's finest metal venues!