August 20th, 2018

Catastrophe Me

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Syracuse Bands - Catastrophe Me

Rock/Alternative/Modern Rock

Can anything good come out of Chittenango, New York?

Well… there was that author who wrote a tale about a magical land called, OZ, which featured a wizard, a couple of witches, a bunch of munchkins and a girl named, Dorothy.

And now… there’s a rock-n-roll band called, CATASTROPHE ME that has their own story to tell …

After playing together for two years, Collin Brushell, Heather Brushell and David Lupi, were joined by Andy Miller and Kyle Agley to create the unique sound that is Catastrophe Me. With musical influences ranging from funk rock to hard rock, from Amy Lee to the thumping sounds of Primus, Catastrophe Me, combines honest, hard-hitting lyrics with melodic, intricate rhythms and rockin’ guitars to form their own “catastrophic” sound.

In the fall of 2009 Catastrophe Me recorded their first 6 song demo of original material, and have, “put the show on the road.”

… and now the rest of the story …