August 20th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - Charlotte-Elizabeth

Hi I'm Charlotte, and I'm actually from England. I just put New York City because I kind of.. well, love it, and I'm going there in April! It will be my first trip to America and I can't wait.
Hmm, a little bit about me then. I'd love to be to be a graphic designer or an illustrator in the future. I can play the piano a bit and like to draw. I love Summer Heights High, The Sims, Spongebob Squarepants, ducks and New York. I hate surprises! I'm usually quite shy, but music gives me a chance to go a little bit crazy!
My hero is Tom Kenny. To me, he is such a great example of someone who has stuck by his dreams and earned them. He's a really inspiring person.
If you want to get to know me better (as that description was a bit mental), feel free to add me on msn: :)