September 20th, 2018

Cody Stewart

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Syracuse Bands - Cody Stewart

Acoustic/Rock/Hard Rock

Hello everyone, my name is Cody Stewart. I am from Baldwinsville, NY. I'm 21 years old and music has taken over my entire life. It's grip is so strong, no matter what anyone says, I can't give it up. I have the heart of a musician. Ever since I was born I have sang and still have not stopped. I've heard a lot of great comments on my voice and I love hearing those because it gives me confidence and makes me wonder what I could be. I hope one day to be somebody. Even if I never get anywhere, I will still have music in my heart. Just writing songs and recording them is enough to please me, but yet playing live infront of 100s of people all over the world would be an amazing achievement. I have written 2 black metal cds, each with 12 songs. Yes, I used to scream as well, but that was just a faze in my life. I've written quite a few acoustic songs and then I wrote the song "Dancing In The Rain" which is my first single that was recorded professionally and it has a great story and great emotion throughout the song. I will be writing and recording new songs in the near future. In the past 4 years I have realized that if God gave me a talent, then why would I go and waste it? Why destroy God's creation that he developed inside of me? With that, I have found my soul in acoustic music and rock music. A lot of my influences come from the bands Red, Skillet, Three Days Grace, and many many other bands. I like the use of strings and choir, it makes everything sound that much more incredible. I always saw myself on a stage with an orchestra playing behind me, but I would much rather have a band behind me because of the intensity. I've been into rock music and christian music, but I love all kinds of music, especially hardcore and metal. My lyrics portray every day life and things we go through or might go through. I try to guide people to the right path or make them feel emotional. Music is about beauty, if you want to make something amazing, then it takes a lot of time and effort, not just coming up with some simple guitar riff, you need composition. That's what I do and plan to do. I give the listener a chance to read the lyrics and picture what is in the story. I give them a chance to feel the emotion through the song. So yea, I am very passionate about what I write. I think sadness is key to writing a great song. Things that I've gone through, a lot of the time I would write down as lyrics. Breakups, deaths, just plain life in general is what my songs are about. I like bringing people to tears. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to email or message me. My email is Thank you :)