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It's with great sadness that I announce that Syracuse Bands will be shutting down at the end of this month. It's been awesome building and managing this site since 2005. Through the years I've been proud to host this site for all local musicians and helping to promote them. However, over the last handful of years, there have been fewer users on the site, and more bands are joining other platforms with a larger audience. These, along with a few other reasons, I've decided to close down the site.

Thank you all for using the site and being a part of Syracuse Bands.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out -

-Chris Gmyr (Site Admin)

October 22nd, 2018

Coney Nubz

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Syracuse Bands - Coney Nubz

Hey -- I sing and play lead guitar for The Jumpers. You can check us out at We're a part time/project group that records originals and plays covers live(Joe Walsh, Fogarty, Petty, Badfinger, Stray Cats, Steely Dan,etc). We range from a tasty Joe Walsh medley to "Centerfield" by John Fogarty, a couple of Tom Petty gems and some surprises, too. We've developed a kinda swampy, bluesy, gritty sound that we'll be takin out there soon.

Keep an ear out. We'll let ya know what's up.

I love playin kick ass rock. Over the years I 've played in lots of local bands and worked in few local music stores. I mainly play a 57 reissue strat thru a Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve with a variety of analog pedals. I also get into some recording with my Roland VS2000CD and a decent mic collection.I'm a diehard gear addict.

Always lookin to meet and jam with new players. Love to collaborate on originals. Also open to recording projects.

In fact, in addition to the Live at Sylvan Beach CD that I recorded, mixed and produced for Sons of Gloria, I have recently completed a couple of other recording projects for other local bands. I specialize in live recording....up to 8 tracks digital live with later mixdown and sweetening. I've made some decent CDs for a couple of local bands - (check out Fully Loaded here on - I've recorded them live a couple times) --- and I work cheap ('cause I love music!)

So shoot me an email if you're interested in jamming or want to do some recording.

Hope to see y'all around!