September 24th, 2018

CR Stewart

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Syracuse Bands - CR Stewart

Thanks for taking the time to visit my on-line Music resume - UPDATES COMING, SCROLL DOWN:

To begin with, I'm completely self-taught at playing drums - I started learning how in 1965 and played my first 'paid gig' over 50 years ago (Nov 12,1966 at age 16). Since that time I've worked with numerous bands and artists from all around Central & Northern New York, performing all sorts of styles: Classic & Southern Rock, Blues & R&B, Rockabilly, Oldies, Swing and Classic & Modern Country, along with plenty of good old 'fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' jamming too!

I've been described as an "old-school, feel drummer", which I take as a compliment! I sing lead &/or backup and I have song-writing and studio experience including: Drums on KYOTE's SAMMY-nominated debut album in '98; Drums & Vocals and Co-writer of THE JAM BONES' two SAMMY-nominated CDs: 'Shake and Bake' in '06 and 'New Recipe' in '08.

Whenever I'm playing I try to remember: the Drummer is NOT the Lead instrument, but a team-player & steady time-keeper who keeps the groove movin' along smoothly, providing the 'foundation' that solidly supports the 'rest of the house'; Don't approach every song as an opportunity for a drum solo, but do enjoy stretching a bit when & where it FITS, and remember Dynamics: 'Louder' doesn't ALWAYS make the Music, the Band OR The Drummer sound better!

I've played with lots of folks over the past 50+years, and although I've probably forgotten a few here's at least a PARTIAL list of CNY-area groups/artists I've worked with, and be sure to check out the photo section for pictures of some of them:

(1960's) - The Pale Blue Light
(1970's) - Night Train
- Skydog
- Third Wish
(1980's) - Free Country (w/Barbara Ray)
- Red Line
- Firelight (w/Ken Harms)
- The Roundup (w/Spence Montague)
(1990's) - Familiar Faces
- Lesego (w/Kevin Barrigar)
- Kyote (w/Pam McCann)
(2000's) - The Jam Bones (w/Rich Walikis)
(2010's) - JD & Rollin' South
- The Oddz
- Poker Face
- Rockinspiel

*** TO ANY EXISTING or NEWLY-FORMING GROUPS who need a Drummer w/Vocals, please message me here or on Facebook. See my Classified Ad on this page - - - I'm experienced, mobile and available now!!!

*** When gigs are booked they will always be posted as soon as the info is available and I'll immediately
engage in plenty of shameless self-promotion both here and on Facebook!

*** And just a reminder, I DO occasionally do fill-in's, so if your Drummer can't make a show MAYBE I can help! Simply message me here or on Facebook. ~ CR...