September 20th, 2018

Castle Street Band

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Syracuse Bands - Castle Street Band

Classic Rock/Acoustic

Ever noticed how all cover bands start to sound alike after a while? Ever notice how it seems like everyone of them is playing the same songs? Ever notice how loud the bands are getting? Well if you are tired of screaming electric guitars and would like to hear rock and roll classics they way they used to be... call the Castle Street Band. The CSB takes you back to a time when the quality of a band was based on how well they sang the vocal harmonies, and less on how loud they are.

The CSB is unique in that they are an ACOUSTIC rock and roll band. In addition, they take pride in choosing those cover songs and one hit wonders from the 60's to 80's that you just don't hear anymore, and present them with tight four part harmonies. It's their goal to stir up memories from everyone's past and to play songs that will have people turning their heads. The band also tosses in a few original songs that fit right in to the period.

The 5 piece band in made up of:

- Jim Brennan (vocals /lead guitar)
- Richie Cardinale (lead vocals)
- John Blume (lead guitar, bass)
- Bill Whitwell (vocals/guitar)
- Jim Modera (vocals/congas).

To become an official CSB'er, and start receiving our email newsletter "STREET BEAT" simply send us an email to and we will put you onto our mailing list.

BOOKING INFORMATION: If you are looking for a very unique band that will bring a fresh sound to your event or business, as well as a lot of great memories from the past, then give the CSB a call.

Richie Cardinale: (315) 945-2968
John Blume: (315) 521-7748