September 18th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - Crimescene

Rock/Modern Rock

Crimescene is celebrating 20 years of rocking Central New York. There have been a few changes along the way. That is inevitable given peoples careers and interests. For 2018 we have quite a few new songs on the list and still have the ones that have been signature songs for us over the year.

Crimescene 2018 line up:

Rich Burrows - lead vocals
Josh Smith - guitar / vocals
Mike Russ - drums/vocals
Ron Coyne - bass/vocals
John Reaume - guitar/vocals (original)

Additional members from original to last version:

Frank DiGiulio bass/vocals (original)
Pat McCarroll - vocals/guitar (original)
Russ Wilkins - drums/vocals (original)
Jeff Malash - guitar/vocals
Justin DeAmbra - keyboards/vocals
Rodney Sprague - guitar/vocals
Keith Ford - vocals/guitar
John Gladys - drums/vocals
Scott Coon - guitar/vocals