September 20th, 2018

Culture Shock

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Syracuse Bands - Culture Shock


Culture Shock began in November of 2005, as the result of five individuals uniting for a common goal. That goal: playing music that is fun, yet intelligent. The first heartbeats of what would become Culture Shock were found with the collaboration of Andrew, Eddie and Trevor. Though Andrew would eventually disband, this group set the direction lyrically and musically. Fun, fast music with socially conscious, politically critical lyrics. TJ and Richard, who had been considering starting such a band, found their way to practice one day, from which point on the band known as Culture Shock truly began to grow. In fact, that is what Culture Shock is all about: growing. Growing a garden, growing older, growing wiser, growing relationships or growing revolution. Growing something new to break down the old, monotonous order of society. Its grassroots, its radical (as in, going to the roots) - growing something new, being participants in the feeding of this change through our music, while growing ourselves at the same time. We aren't vanguards and we don't have the answer for you, but we are looking to find an answer with you. Growing something new, to tear down the systems of oppression, exploitation, corruption and greed. So - here it is, May of 2006. One less member but just as much heart. We are always working on new songs, and we are not afraid to try something different. We just recorded an eight song demo in Trevor's basement in two days. Look for it at shows or from one of us starting May 7th. Check out some of our music, come to one of our shows, hang out with us somewhere else, or just leave us a message. In the meantime - open your eyes, take a look around, and prepare for a culture shock.