September 26th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - CYANIDE SAVIOR


CYANIDE SAVIOR (musician and composer Chris Vazquez, film-actress Manoush) got founded in New York as a project of Chris and Manoush. (the band named itself after Manoush's 1995 song "Cyanide Savior". Quickly CYANIDE SAVIOR became a full-time project when several movie producers and directors requested the band about using Cyanide Savior songs in movies and soundtracks. Besides their jobs as musicians (Chris) and acting (Manoush) the band is currently working on completing their album AK-47 MESSIAH (approx. release date late 2008) and getting first videos done . Due to Chris' and Manoush's working schedules CYANIDE SAVIOR will remain a studio band with CD's and music video releases until further notice.