September 26th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - DAMDOG

Blues/Rock/Party Band

In 1978, three Kyle  brothers banded together to play music in the old general store in Sterling Valley. What started as a typical garage band has evolved over the years to become a work of art and a labor of love. The brothers three; Dave, Craig, and Larry, have honed their craft through countless practice and performances to become the polished musicians they are today.Their devotion to each other and their craft can be heard throughout their music. Their style of play is mirrored in the images of the past by keeping true and honest to the roots of the blues.They have played festivals and venues both large and small, to captivated crowds all over New York State. They have had opportunities to open for national acts such as J. Geils, Bob Margolin, Max Creek,Devon Allman, Robert Randalph Family Band, and Jonathan Edwards while maintaining a strong and faithful presence at local venues. When needed they brake down to an acoustic duo with an eclectic twist. They are recording artists on the Coon Dog record label and have just released their fourth C.D. entitled "Old School". Like a fine wine they get better with age. After thirty-seven years and counting they are still tearing up town after town and gaining new fans every day! Come on out and check them out!