September 26th, 2018

Dani Dead

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Syracuse Bands - Dani Dead


I'm a young, largely unknown twenty-something musician who's struggling to get his foot in the door in the local music scene. What I want most is to find a band that I really connect with as people, and can grow with as a musician, all while seriously kicking ass. So far I've come across virtually nothing. But that might change soon!I'm largely a guitarist by training, but recently I've developed my skills as a vocalist to a point where I might be able to be a decent frontman, depending on the band. The little career that I have had has had some interesting parts, I suppose. I played with Matt Miller (REDEZRA/Paricia/formerly of TLA) very briefly in 2004. I've also tried out for Syracuse goth rock act Silence Bleeds, and Utica metal act Structural Integrity Compromised, both in 2005. Before, in and between and after all of that, however, I had a revolving line-up band of continually changing names that lasted until late 2006. Said band managed to share the stage with a bizarre variety of bands, ranging from the young indie group The Road to Olympia, established indie/emo act Anorexic Beauty Queen, and Auburn metalcore heroes If Hope Dies. All this before I even hit twenty.I've not yet begun to write and play, however. Whether it's tomorrow or another year from now, Syracuse and the surrounding area has not yet heard the last of me!  And, I will need help along the way!  If you're a band looking for a guitarist or a vocalist, hit me up!