July 21st, 2018

Dixie Dirt

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Syracuse Bands - Dixie Dirt

Southern Rock/Country (Classic)/Country (Modern)

DIXIE DIRT doesn’t just play music… You can hire a D.J. for that!

DIXIE DIRT is Central New York’s in your face, raise hell & have a great time, down
home boys playing some of the BEST Southern Rock, Country, and Rock tunes that
are sure to please all! DIXIE DIRT bill themselves as a "music lovers band" because
they've dug up a repertoire of songs that are timeless, relevant, and most
importantly, not played out! You get a little bit of everything, and so much more.
You won't know whether or not to keep on dancing or raising your drinks to salute
four of the most talented guys in Central New York! DIXIE DIRT is sure to bring the
party, and great music to any venue!!!
Everyone wants to get “dirty” with DIXIE DIRT!!!