July 17th, 2018

Emilee Smith

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Syracuse Bands - Emilee Smith


I am a young original emerging singer/songwriter who is both soulfull and OLDSCHOOL ! My current focus has been to promote my music though performing and recording. I have just recorded my first CD entitled "HALL OF MIRRORS". The CD is comprised of 9 songs all of which were written, arranged and performed by myself. Jim Wunderlich from Orbital sound in Hamilton, NY was the sound engineer for my project and it was great working with him...He does an excellent job and his studio has a very laid back atmosphere. (I know I will definitely be doing more recording there!!) Anyway, "Halls of Mirrors" is a cool CD, and I only recorded the vocals and piano to keep the melodies clean & simple... But you will get the idea when you hear it ! - Think Gavin DeGraw - CHARIOT. I am currently looking for gigs as a solo performer, just me, a piano, and a sound system. My biggest influences have been Gavin DeGraw, Elton John, Billy Joel and Carole King. I am told I have both a strong and sultry voice, but I'd rather you decide for yourself.