July 17th, 2018


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Syracuse Bands - fazeshift


Pizza, pies, purple skies...All things that enveloped the lives of two, narrow-minded gents who stood in the shanky bedroom of a house surrounded by angry neighbors and stray cats, recording meaningless meanderings and tid-bits of scrappy music. On the bitter cold, star-crazed night of February the 18th, Joey Bolognone and Josh Salvage, along with their long treasured friend, John McLaughlin, and new vegetarian friend, Alec Gilfillan, gathered together with a few immature, self-written tunes and a bundle of covers from glorious pop rock bands. From that day forward, this group of misfits knew that they were destined to travel the dirty allies of our beautiful nation, telling tall tails of life, love and forgiveness for the everyday broken heart.