September 18th, 2018

james daher

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Syracuse Bands - james daher

I am a Guitarist forming a new Modern Rock band in the Syracuse area. At this time I am looking for a Vocalist and another Guitarist, Bass and drumer. .

We just want to start out playing open mic nights.

If you know any of these songs, give me a buzz.

Foo Fighters - everlong, my hero, learn to fly

Naked - manns chinese

Stone Temple Piliots - interstate love song,

Travis - side, safe

Tonic - If you can only see, open up your eyes

Coldplay - yellow, smile upon face

Sponge - plowed

Nickleback - some day, phtograph,

Vertical Horizion - finding me

Collective Soul - counting the days, shine, heavy, December

Creed - higher, are you ready

Fule - hemorage, bad day

Dishwalla - counting blue cars, haze

Chevelle - vitamin R, send the pain below, the red

Three Doors Down - I feel you, not enough, loser

The Verve Pipe - villains, reverend girl

Screeming Trees - nearly lost you, make my mind

Afgan Wings - gentlmen, debonair

Seven Mary Three - waters edge, cumbersom

Radio Head - high and dry, I am a creep

Shine Down - save me, heroes

Alice in Chains - Rooster, would

This is a list of songs that I performed in the last band that I was in.


learn to fly


Im a cowboy / dead or alive

If It makes you happy

caught in a dream

I want you to want me


born to be wild

interstate love song

hit me with your best shot

no time

Im your captin

all right now

I got a line on you

free ride

were an american band

Im the only one

celebrity skin

white room

sunshine of your love

come to my window

wild horses


come together

you oughtta know

road house blues

dont misunderstand me


open up your eyes

set me free

Id love to save the world

I got the music in me

cant get enough of your love