July 16th, 2018

Live Vibe Recordings

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Syracuse Bands - Live Vibe Recordings


UPDATE 3/25/13

Live Vibe Recording is an on-site audio & video capture service, focusing on delivering media files directly back to the artist for post production media.

Your performance media can be transferred immediately on-site to USB stick, or external drive.

Up to 40 tracks of Pro Tools recording at 24bit WAV, and will load into Mac or Windows DAW. Conversion from Digidesign 888 i/0

Video is captured in avchd, iframe, and other user friendly formats for best compatibility. 1 - 2 designated sill shots, and a mobile camera capture your performance.

For audio production - We utilize a Ramlatch / Whirlwind split snake system, with the capability of tracking remote up to 300 feet. We can offer or receive a stage split.

Audio is captured with Pro Tools TDM, this system is studio grade technology, and very reliable with superior conversion quality from Digidesign interfaces.

Rob Capezzano
315 368 4056