August 20th, 2018

Magic Goat

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Syracuse Bands - Magic Goat


Magic Goat will never be on MTV. They will not have a platinum album, or ever be big in Australia. They will never grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, and never find their name on the UK's top 40 charts.

Then again Magic Goat never set out to do any of that.

The seven original members (Alex Karas, Dan Burns, Jon Goodman, Alex Wirght, Steve Burns, Anna Knudsen, Chris Whyte) of Magic Goat came together in January 2005 with a collective love of ska music, and an unwillingness to let others have all the fun of playing it. Fast forward two years and Magic Goat underwent it's first line-up change in April 2007. Exit drummer Chris Whyte, Enter Steve Terry. Seven months later Anna and Steve Terry part ways with Magic Goat, as a result of this the band is in need of a new singer and drummer. Interested people should live in upstate New York and have a willingness to make a financial and time commitment.

"Stuck In Traffic", the band's first album, was unleashed on the world in August 2007. The music featured on the album was primarily a blend of ska, rock, and pop. An infectious sound known to ska enthusiasts as third wave. Not content to be labeled a typical ska band, Magic Goat began pushing it's musical boundaries following the release of "Stuck In Traffic". The material for the band's as of now untitled sophomore release features more prominent heavy metal and reggae influences.

Combine that with their high-energy live show and you have the recipe for why Magic Goat has been such a great local success in their hometown of Syracuse, NY. There they've gained a strong following in the ska scene and shared the stage with such national acts as: The Warriors, Westbound Train, I Voted For Kodos, Mike Park, The Toasters, The Flaming Tsunamis, and The Flatliners. In the summer of 2007 Magic Goat embarked on their first tour, Magic Goat's Wet Hot American Summer. The two and a half week trek took the boys and girl from Syracuse all over the eastern United States.

So, while Cingular may never offer a Magic Goat song as a ringtone, and Pepsi and Coke won't be battling it out to cut MG a promo deal, the band isn't worried, and wont be hanging up their saxophones any time soon. They're happy just making the music they love and sharing it with the world.

“Its a little odd of a combo (Alto and Tenor Sax and Trumpet) but you get the same balance of high and low just like any other horn section out there. The lines are creative and in tune (what more do you need?) and they never over play or muddy up the song. The bass work is solid as well going from booming rock bass to a walking line when needed adding that melodic flow that a lot of bands tend to forget about.”

-Kevin Willingham (Acoustic Ska Artist from St. Louis)

“I think their lead singer's voice is great, and if the band plays more & matures their sound, they could be one of the better ska bands in NY.”

-Bryan Kremkau (

“This is solid "third wave" right here and I could definitely see them gaining a good status in the coming years both maybe in and out the Ska scene.”

-Kevin Willingham (Acoustic Ska Artist from St. Louis)

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