June 23rd, 2018

Mark VanMarter

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Syracuse Bands - Mark VanMarter


Mark is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Soon after discovering the electric guitar in 1978, he began to sing along and accompany his playing. By 1982, he formed his first band and proceeded to perform over three hundred, twelve song sets throughout New York State and the Northeast. In 1988 a decision was made to stop performing live and focus on a career in sales. In 1993, Mark relocated to Miami Fl. to start a new career in the travel business. In 2003, Mark recorded 9 songs with some old friends and released 5 DAYS WITH YOU. A few hundred copies were sold on the original http://www.mp3.com, but the website dissolved. By April of 2008, after relocating back to Syracuse, he had the desire to get back out and do what he loves best, performing. Mark said, “ I decided it was time to bring a generation of great music back. With all that is going on in the world today, people need to escape for a few hours.”