August 21st, 2018

Port City Soundz

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Syracuse Bands - Port City Soundz

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Hello all, Port City Soundz is located in Oswego, NY, and is owned by Charlie & Debra Ford. We are located in the town of Scriba.

Charlie has been an active sound engineer working with numerous bands like Fulton Chaingang, Xciters, STM, 13 synz, TG & The Knight Riders, Halfway To Nowhere, Long Time Coming, and has learned a lot over the past several years. We have great sound equipment and can provide sound reinforcement for functions, events, clubs, bands etc. and we have also provided DJ services for nightclubs, parties, fundraisers etc. and we've had a blast doing them ! Big or small, we can do it. We use Carvin gear, Behringer, Kustom, and Numark DJ unit,Mackie, to name some.
We've also started to get into the recording end of music as well. We've purchased some great equipment, Fostex MR 16 digital with CD burner, 40 gb drive, 4 inputs, and also a Tascam 2488 MK2, the big boy digital with 8 inputs and 32 tracks, 80 gb drive with CD burner, super nice unit. We can and have gone right to the bands practice space and recorded live as it happens, and we all had a blast doing it, no pressure, then we take the recorded mix back to studio and mix and master tracks, burn them finished on a CD for the band. Some of these tunes are up on this page. They were recorded live at their location. Check them out !!!
I enjoy doing this and love to work with bands that are interested in recording, with some quality results without a financial drain, I'm a musician as well so I know. I enjoy good people, but won't work with attitudes or pricks!

Charlie is also an accomplished musician spanning many years of playing with numerous bands on bass guitar,as well as electric guitar. He's been a professional, full timer since 2001.

Just added a few songs by the Jam Bones recorded at Subcat Studio when Charlie was playing bass with them.For you bass players check out the bass grooves, even if ya just want to listen they are cool.