August 20th, 2018

Prison City Party Rockers

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Syracuse Bands - Prison City Party Rockers


*** Experience, talent, chemistry, and a winning formula for their musical selections is just some of what the band THE PRISON CITY PARTY ROCKERS bring to the table, as well as the stage. The history of this group of performers is a long one, spanning over the past three decades. The proven combination of these four CNY musicians, Bernie McNabb (vocals), Bob Bachta (guitar, vocals), Jeff Newhart (bass, vocals), and Rich Stevens (drums, vocals) are once again looking forward to doing what they do together best… entertaining audiences with the funnest dance party music and rockin' the top hits from the vast history of rock & roll. (read the Rockers myspace blogs for additional band info.) ***
*** The old saying goes... You can't please all the people all the time. But THE PRISON CITY PARTY ROCKERS contradict that excuse by making it their job “Pleasing the most people possible, as much as possible, and to highest extent possible. Young and old and all ages in between appreciate and enjoy the timeless, fun, and familiar music they perform. Good time dance rock and roll music, throughout the past 50 years has come in more varieties than Baskin Robbins has flavors of ice cream to choose from. A Rockers show is the ultimate ice cream sampler. Enjoying the best of the best, while sampling all the flavors. Traveling through the decades and genres of rock and roll. From The Archies to The Zombies, from Dick Clark in the 50's to the birth of MTV in the 80's. AM pop radio hits, FM classic anthems, short hair bands, big hair bands, funk, disco, tender love ballads, and then a sprinkling of current dance radio hits and country classics. All of it performed with a conviction and spirit that comes from within their solid high-energy rock and roll roots. ***
*** Making every show they play a party. A fun enjoyable time for everyone is what it's all about. Keeping the energy and the pace going keeps the audience involved. That's good for everyone involved. You wouldn't want to cook a six-course dinner and have your guests leave after the entre. More importantly if you're hiring entertainment, you're probably not paying them to entertain you and your staff. You need the entertainment to not only bring patrons in, but also to keep them entertained at your establishment, function, or event. This is what makes a party a success. The Prison City Party Rockers deliver! ***
*** Be it a corporate function, a municipal party or event, a private party or event, a company clambake or x-mas party, a fun filled energetic reception or party of any kind, or maybe your looking for entertainment for an establishment (yes we'll accept government jobs), you need not look any further except to check out and contact The Prison City Party Rockers. ***`

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