July 21st, 2018


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Fairplay Sound

Description: Sound and Lights for live bands
Website: http://www.fairplaysound.com

FJA Mods

Description: Amp, guitar, and effects repair and modification. Custom work available
Website: http://www.fjamods.com


Description: Expert band logo design and screen printing studio. Our designs are simply the best. CAll 315-789-2762 for details and examples.

highlyAtomic Vintage Clothing

Description: Eclectic wearable vintage clothing - men's and women's. Vintage clothing = great stagewear. PLUS vintage vinyl! Rock, punk, jazz and more.
Website: http://www.highlyatomic.com

Hondo Mesa Records

Description: Syracuse based independent record label featuring acoustic, blues, jazz and Native American music
Website: http://www.HondoMesaRecords.com

Infinite Photography

Description: Specializing in Live Band Photos
Website: http://www.myspace.com/infinitephotographer

Intellective Records

Description: An INTERNATIONAL cooperative of musicians based right here in Syracuse, NY!!
Website: http://www.intellectiverecords.com


Description: MUSIC LESSONS FOR : SAXOPHONE CLARINET VOICE PIANO TRUMPET FLUTE VIOLIN VIOLA BASS GUITAR DRUMS CELLO *At some point, you the Student will need to ask serious questions and look to receive immediate Professional Guidanceā€¦. If you're only using music instruction videos, how will you get instantaneous answers and experienced guidance ? *Choose your Teacher at www.Lesson2Music.com and get experienced answers in real time ! Our Teachers will provide you with the tools; skills and knowledge to advance your musical aspirations for a lifetime, whether it's for your professional music career or for your own musical enjoyment! Sign Up today for your Music Lessons at www.Lesson2Music.com or Call 855-386-6045 for more information
Phone: 855-386-6045
Website: http://www.Lesson2Music.com

More Sound recording studio

Description: One of the most well known and trusted recording studios in CNY for any style of music.
Website: http://www.moresound315.com

Music 315

Description: Central New York band list and music resource site. Local music directory with links to bands, night spots and music industry sites. Event calendar and chat.
Website: http://www.music315.com

Displaying 11 to 20 (of 37 resources)