September 26th, 2018

Scraping Bottom

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Syracuse Bands - Scraping Bottom

Modern Rock

We are a 5-piece, heavy hitting, hard rockin', cover band from Mexico NY. We do covers from old school hard rock and metal bands like Metallica, Judas Priest and AC/DC, modern and alternative rock and metal like Godsmack, Deftones, Seether, Smashing Pumpkins and AIC, plus many many more, check out our website for full set list. We do parties, benefits, clubs, any place were you want some rockin' goin' on. Check us out you won't be disappointed, come and get scraped up with us. Sign up to be our friend on my space for show and event invites @
Check out our Set List:
1) Black Sabbath - Paranoid
2) 7Mary3- Water's Edge
3) AC/DC- Dirty Deeds
4) AC/DC –Have a drink on me
5) LIT- My Own Worst Enemy
6) Metallica- Seek and Destroy
7) Danzig- Twist of Cain
8) Seether- Fine Again
9) Alice in Chains- Angry Chair
10) Bush – Little things
11) Alice in Chains- man in the box
12) Judas priest- Breaking the Law
13) Kiss – Cold gin
14) Twisted sister- we're not gonna take it
15) Smashing pumpkins- zero
16) Bush – Little Things
17) Local H- bound for the floor
18) Thin Lizzy – jailbreak
19) The animals-house of the rising sun
20) Nickelback- Rockstar
21) Velvet Revolver- Slither
22) Cold-No One
23) Nickelback- Leader of Men
24) Seether-Remedy
25) 3 Days Grace- Just Like You
26) Deftones- My own Summer
27) Breaking Benjamin- Polyamourus
28) Smile empty Soul- bottom of a bottle
29) Saliva – Click Click Boom
30) Aerials- SOAD
31) Motley Crue – Smokin' in the boys room
32) Metallica – Sad But True
33) Motley crue – Looks That Kill
34) 3 days Grace – Animal I've Become
35) Godsmack- Greed
36) Static X- Cold
37) Drowning Pool- Bodies
38) Staind- Spleen
39) Godsmack- Awake
40) Staind- Mudshovel
41) Children of the grave- B.S. / W.Z.
42. Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People
43. Smashing Pumpkins-Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings
44. Metallica - For whom the Bell tolls
45. Danzig - Mother
We Will Rock Your World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!