September 20th, 2018

Stone Soul Foundation

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Syracuse Bands - Stone Soul Foundation


STONE SOUL FOUNDATION is a blues, funk, and soul injected hard rock quintet. STONE SOUL FOUNDATION is also the basis for what will be a mighty TOWER OF ROCK! S.S.F. was formed in early 2002, in a dank garage. The typical breeding ground for rock. The five members from the central New York area knew they wanted to write and perform hard driving rock music. But, they also realized that much of today's rock music is lacking the luster of soul. Not just the classic R&B soul that they twist into their musical cocktail, but the universal soul that is passion, energy, and life. S.S.F. believes the passion that was once so alive in rock music seems so jaded today. Just what exactly happened to rock music? Fans and musicians can only speculate. What is going to happen to rock music? That will be determined by S.S.F. and many other like minded individuals. They will not fail! Passion will return to rock music with the help of STONE SOUL FOUNDATION and others. There is no better time than now!