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It's with great sadness that I announce that Syracuse Bands will be shutting down at the end of this month. It's been awesome building and managing this site since 2005. Through the years I've been proud to host this site for all local musicians and helping to promote them. However, over the last handful of years, there have been fewer users on the site, and more bands are joining other platforms with a larger audience. These, along with a few other reasons, I've decided to close down the site.

Thank you all for using the site and being a part of Syracuse Bands.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out -

-Chris Gmyr (Site Admin)

October 15th, 2018

Chris: Bassist

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Syracuse Bands - Chris:  Bassist

Sackett Forest. Christian R-n-B Based Rock Music. Telling stories of Faith, and Trials of Life, all in a slow groove.

Sackett Forest...2008 Syracuse Area Music Awards Nominee. Chris "Halen" Sackett...2007 Syracuse Area Music Awards Nominee. Featured in Metal Maniacs Magazine with the band Tears End in 1997. Musician, Songwriter, Dreamer.

As a band, Sackett Forest has seen many members come and go. From Joe to Larry to Hunni to Patty to Jared to Bone Daddy, and many others...the "band" side of Sackett Forest has been a rotating wheel. Musicians come and go. Some come in just to record, others to play out under the name, but mostly; Sackett Forest is a songwriting experiment. Similiar to The Alan Parsons Project. Songs written by Christopher Sackett, performed and recorded with various musicians or just with himself. Sackett Forest is an expression of art. Nothing more could be as simple; other than black coffee flavored coffee...

A veteran musician of 19 years, Chris "Halen" Sackett has played with some of the best, and some of the worst, and has performed with many great bands such as Defect, One Night Out with Lisa Romano, The Infinite Jesture, The Bailey Quarters, Tears End, Atmos/Fear X, Brother Rabbit, Zadoc Vampire Theatre, and many others. You will always see him around town playing with various cover bands doing rock, classic rock, southern rock, and country. Christopher is also a former radio and television personality. He was a DJ on 95X WAQX, B 104.7 WBBS, and Movin 100.3 WOLF, a talk show host on 107.7 WNSA and 570 WSYR, and a host of the TV show OSPW TV. He appeared in the movie "Why Bother", and was on the soundtrack for the movie "Fish Eye Soul Free", both independent films by producer/director Jeff Garbaz. He has performed in many different genres from rock to country to metal to goth to electronica. Now, he looks at Sackett Forest as his "coming of age" as he grows to be a better songwriter and a better musician.

Aside from music, Chris is interested in sports, movies (collecting DVD's is a constant hobby), and art. He holds a college degree in the Arts in which he studied music, art history, and audio production. Chris also holds a strong interest in politics and is a proud member of the Republican party. He also spent 7 years in professional wrestling as a manager, referee, and masked wrestler. He ran his own company, Old School Professional Wrestling with Marc Mandrake and Sean Cooper, and he helped get Next Era Wrestling off the ground. N.E.W. is now the premiere independent wrestling federation in the Western and Central NY area. Before that, he was involved with professional tournament sparring as a fighter. It was similar to that seen on Chuck Norris' World Combat League. Chris fought in tournaments throughout high school and even into his college years.

Now, staring at the age of 34; Chris is a family man, married to his wife Rebecca, and they have 3 children; Blaze, Kiera, and Zachary. They live in the Northern region of Syracuse NY. Sackett Forest is more than just a band name. It is an acre of land and woods in CNY, where Chris writes songs, learns songs, jams, and enjoys music and life. It is where kids run around and play. It is where leaves fall. It is peace...