July 16th, 2018

Tim Carr Music

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Syracuse Bands - Tim Carr Music

Country (Classic)/Country (Modern)/Original

Born in Norwich, NY in the winter of 1968, Tim Carr took to music as soon as he took to his feet. Receiving his first guitar as a birthday gift at the age of four, it wasn't long before Tim was entertaining family and friends alike. Playing with friends in local bands throughout high school, Tim then joined the US Marines after graduation, and took his music around the world with him. Playing everywhere from the Far East to the West Bank, Tim shared his homespun style of songwriting with people of many cultures. He even got to "trade songs" with a traditional Italian Opera singer in a bistro cafe in Rome! Returning home in 1992, Tim went back on the road with local bands such as Cedar Creek, Southern Express, Destiny, and Tequila Sunrise, "paying his dues" in local venues throughout central New York, and along the eastern seaboard. He continues his career as a successful singer/songwriter, having released four independent albums, two Christmas CDs, and an Instrumental album to date. His current adventures include writing for a fifth release, his first-ever Gospel album, and entertaining local friends, family, and fans wherever he goes. Tim's refreshing down-home presentation, emphasis on vocal purity and musical clarity, and his engaging, off-beat humor make for a show worth seeing, and worth seeing again.