September 18th, 2018

Tim Ryan

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Syracuse Bands - Tim Ryan

I started playing drums at 16 then switched to guitar in 1976. I've played all styles of music from acoustic to blues, rock'n'roll, oldies, country, hard rock & metal. My own personal style is a harder edged blues along the lines of Billy Gibbons or Angus Young. I also write & record acoustic & electric original songs. Some of the bands that I've been in through the years are, Roadwork, Voyager, Zeus, No Mercy, Iron Mistress, The DT's & The Choads . For the last 14 years I've played with The Goods. I just started another band called Dirty Girl with my old friend Crissi from Iron Mistress.

I've used mostly Marshall amps during my playing days, started with a small box 50 watt, then 2 JMP 50 watt master volumes (one was one of the best sounding head I ever had), a 200 watt Major (LOUD! sold it to Dawk), a 800 (never really liked it), & a 900 dual reverb (not bad). I've used Sovtek Mig 50 amps for the last 10 years or so. Nice & small & sounds almost like a steel faced Marshall. I also have a Mig 30, a very rare amp. They only made 300 & mines #79. In 2008 I started using a Splawn Competition. It's a great sounding amp, basically a hot rodded Marshall. I'm running it thru an Avatar 4-12 with a pair of vintage 30 & a pair of Hellatone30's.

For electric's I'm using,
A FrankinStrat with a Floyd Rose & Warmoth Fatback neck. It's 1 inch deep all the way up, (I love it!). Its loaded with Lace gold's & a Seymour Duncan Lil' 59 in the bridge.

1998 Gibson Custom Shop 58 RI Flame Top loaded with Duncan Antiquity's named Gary after my friend & idol Gary Zamory. It's the best guitar that I've ever had or played. You really can feel that its almost all hand made.

For acoustic guitars I have,
2001 Tacoma jumbo
1983 Takamine
1977 Ibanez 12 string Concord

Links to The Goods & Dirty Girl,