August 21st, 2018

Twisted Timmy

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Syracuse Bands - Twisted Timmy

Modern Rock/Original/Metal

Hey all! This is TWISTED f*#!ing TIMMY. just signed up here, don't be afraid to say high.
About me, well I'm one hard hittin mofo!
Bringing lead vocals to a new extreme.
Operatic melodies,insane screams(in key)bone crushing lows. "Bring it" or stay the fuck home! Thats my motto. Yeah no shit.I'm not bigheaded like alot of great singers, I try to stay modest. But since this section is about me I might as well be honest. I f%^&kin;ROCK! Love to sing,play drums,nose harp(jk),performing is my passion,wether it's in front of 10 people at the jam room or 2000 at the outside festivals and parties. I have over 50 originals. Been in a shitload of bands. Always looking for hard rocking musicians to jam with. Influences: Dio,Qeensryche,Godsmack,Chains,Disturbed,G&R,Ozzy,Mudvayne,Maiden and so on..Basically all the coolest hard rock/metal bands since the 70s. Looking for bandmates to collaborate with.Covers/
originals. Hit me up if you need a frontman with the power and the presence to "bring it" to the people. RISE ABOVE!