August 21st, 2018

Von Barnes Band

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Syracuse Bands - Von Barnes Band


Brett grew up playing piano and other instruments he could get his hands on. After a few attempts at a band and issues with bass players he took up the bass guitar to compliment his keyboards. He played in a few bands and filled in when players were not available but pursued a tech career instead.
A few years ago his daughter Annie started playing the drums after asking for a Simmons drum pad for Christmas. She was later asked to join the school band program as a percussionist. Not to be outdone her younger brother Gino decided he wanted to play the guitar and got one for Christmas at age 6. He didn't really start to play it until he was 8 and his sister was already getting a lot of attention for her musical ability. Once he started he picked up chops very quickly and is now progressing at an astronomical rate.
They started jamming in their garage and soon were making actual music together. Rock, country, and blues were all flowing in the garage. They then added a singer in Adrianne Wood, whom Annie befriended as a Teacher's Assistant at school.
The name Von Barnes is a play on the Von Trapp family singers from the Sound of Music and was given to us by our dear friends on vacation when we played for their neighborhood one night.